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training in expressive therapies: certificate courses

Certificate Programmes to be conducted at Into Blue Studio, Phillip Island

These trainings have been held for over five years on Phillip Island and attended by psychologists, social workers, welfare officers, psychotherapists, counsellors teachers and chaplains as a personal and professional stimulus as well as a time for reflection. The Certificate in Expressive Therapies provides a solid training in the practices and principles of Expressive Therapies with focus being on supporting the needs of children and adolescents. The Sandplay Therapy training provides an in-depth exposure to the use of sand and symbols in therapy. This modality is most effective for all age groups. The courses are held in a remarkable studio in close proximity to Ventnor Beach. All courses are at Phillip Island unless otherwise noted.


Certificate Courses for 2016/17 include:

Certificate in Transpersonal Expressive Therapies with Adult Clients: October 2016, Phillip Island
Certificate in Sandplay Therapy: March 2017, Phillip Island
Certificate in Expressive Therapies with Children and Adolescents: June 2017, Melbourne


Certificate in Transpersonal Expressive Therapies with Adult Clients

This Certificate course is designed for those who are drawn to a strength-based, emotion-focussed and person-centred approach. As well as preparing practitioners for a more effective support role, the course provides many opportunities for expanding self-discovery with the emotional intelligence, bringing to life use of self in a heart-centred therapeutic approach. The course introduces a range of Expressive Therapies modalities in each workshop. Each workshop is organised around a core topic and focuses on developing skills with several modalities.



Certificate in Sandplay Therapy and Symbol Work

With Children, Adolescents and Adults

Sandplay Therapy is a hands-on, expressive counselling and psychotherapy modality that has been in use for over eighty years. Sandplay forms a bridge between verbal therapy and the expressive therapies, combining elements of each. Sandplay allows the deeper aspects of the psyche to be worked with naturally and in safety, and is highly effective in reducing the emotional causes behind difficult behaviours.

With an extensive research and literature base, Sandplay is a powerful therapeutic method for use by established professionals. It has been used with children, adolescents and adults, in schools, hospitals, welfare agencies and private therapy practices.




Certificate in Expressive Therapies with Children and Adolescents

Somatic Focused, Creative Counselling for Emotional Integration

This highly experiential course offers training in emotionally expressive methods and Inner-Life Skills that promote emotional integration, sself-awareness, self-esteem and resilience in children and adolescents. Expressive Therapies (ET) methods are used with children from 6 to 19 years. Research and supervision reports indicate that ET provides substantial long-term benefits such as an increase in resilience, self-motivation, increased attention span, less aggressive behaviour and a better sense of self.





Reflective Practice for Supervisors NEW!

Reflective practice is mindful practice. Reflective practitioners are aware of their own strengths and limitations. They conduct their work with purpose and intention. They monitor their own levels of stress and are mindful of personal matters that may interfere with their performance. Reflective practitioners take the time to evaluate and refine their performance after each client session and are committed to ongoing personal growth and professional development.

This workshop will explore the processes that contribute to effective reflective practice for practitioners and supervisors.



Understanding Intuition - One Day Workshop NEW!

The information for health, growth, healing and navigating life, is stored within the very cells and energy of our own bodies, accessed with a simple breath that begins the connection to a vast source of wisdom.  

The program will provide opportunities to explore and experience intuition through enhancing awareness. Intuition will be defined in the historical and current context.




Enrichment & Supervision Program for Practitioners Using Expressive Therapies and Sandplay Therapy - Full Day Programs Each Month

The Aim of the Program is to refresh, consolidate and enrich skills using Expressive Therapies modalities of symbol work, body focus body awareness, drawing, meditation and relaxation. To focus on practitioner self-awareness and self-care for balancing personal and professional life.

  • 4 OPD Points
  • 2 hours group Supervision
  • $170 private practitioner, $190 organisation
  • Contact Jo for dates and to attend




The Innerspace Program

Emotional Literacy for Student Wellbeng & Resilience

Innerspace has proven effective in developing emotional literacy, helping students overcome difficulties, and increasing prosocial behaviour (Zigterman, 2010, University of Southern Queensland).

These programs present new ways to foster resilience and mental wellbeing in students. Innerspace is a multiple intelligence approach to supporting students, based on the theories and activities of Expressive Therapies. There is a particular focus on developing the intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence – knowing self and being able to communicate.



Meditation and Relaxation

Learn practical skills to facilitate relaxation and meditation for children, adolescents and adults. A Workshop for counsellors, social workers, psychologists, guidance officers, therapists, welfare officers, teachers, youth workers and chaplains.

  • New Intake 2016!



programs & workshop ideas

  • Meditation: There are many forms of meditation and visualisation is just one of them. Visualisation is suitable for young children, adolescents and adults. Visualisation is often described as ‘guided imagery’. Meditation is used for relaxation, developing Expressive_therapiesself-awareness improving emotional wellbeing, fostering spiritual growth and healing. The extraordinary physiological benefits of meditation are well documented. Meditation has been recognised as a means to improve physical health, reduce pain and enhance immune response.
  • 'Stress Less', Relaxation and Meditation workshops for business organisations and groups.
  • Parent workshops: understanding emotions, how to support your child’s learning, parenting adolescents, parenting pre-school children.
    art_classArt Classes for everyone: absolute beginners and developing artists alike. Improve your self-confidence, develop skills, define your personal style and tap into creativity in a supportive and fun environment.
  • Reiki Courses: Reiki is a system of natural healing involving the laying on of hands. It is many thousands of years old. The Usui System of Natural Healing, which I teach is a very simple but powerful healing technique that is easily given and received by anyone. Reiki 1 and Reiki 11 (The first and second degrees of Reiki) not only complement other therapies but also actively increase the strength of those healing energies.
  • School enrichment programs for staff and students: The concept of school enrichment is to set the scene for self-awareness and self-connection for teachers and students. Once you have trained, it is simple to implement with the minimum participation of a daily 10-minute session of quiet time for self-reflection.